5 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Staycation Paradise

We all invest a lot into our homes, so we want to make sure we are enjoying them to the fullest all year long.

As we head into the prime of summer, there is no better time to update your space to turn it into the perfect staycation paradise so that you can fully enjoy the season!

Here are our top 5 tips for creating that backyard oasis:

  1. Expand Your Outdoor Entertaining Area: Take your outdoor space to the next level by adding amenities for entertaining. Consider installing an outdoor kitchen or bar area complete with a grill, refrigerator, and seating area. Adding a pergola or canopy can provide shade and shelter, while outdoor speakers and a fire pit create ambiance for evening gatherings under the stars.
  2. Incorporate Relaxation Zones: Create multiple relaxation zones throughout your home to cater to different activities and moods. Designate a cozy corner with plush seating and soft lighting for reading or meditation. Set up a hammock or hanging chair in the backyard for afternoon naps or stargazing. Incorporate a spa-like bathroom retreat with a luxurious bathtub, candles, and soothing music for a pampering escape.


  3. Embrace Indoor-Outdoor Living: Maximize the connection between your indoor and outdoor spaces to blur the boundaries and create a seamless flow. Install sliding glass doors or folding patio doors to open up your living areas to the backyard, allowing for easy access and natural ventilation. Arrange indoor furniture to face outdoor views and encourage indoor-outdoor socializing.


  4. Infuse Tropical Vibes: Bring the vacation vibes home by incorporating tropical elements into your decor. Add pops of vibrant colors, tropical patterns, and lush greenery throughout your home. Hang palm leaf or bamboo curtains, display tropical fruits in bowls, and accessorize with seashells and driftwood for a breezy, island-inspired ambiance.


  5. Curate Outdoor Activities: Make the most of your outdoor space by curating a variety of activities to enjoy during your staycation. Set up a mini-golf course, bean bag toss, or giant Jenga for backyard games. Create a movie night under the stars with a projector and outdoor screen. Arrange a DIY spa day with facials, massages, and foot baths for a rejuvenating retreat at home.

By incorporating these ideas into your home and yard, you can transform your space into a paradise that grants you relaxation, entertainment, and rejuvenation all summer!

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