Agent Page – Matt Doughty

Matt Doughty

License # M22001783

Mortgage Agent

Level 2

Areas Serviced

South Western Ontario

Meet Matt Doughty! 

Matt brings nearly 15 years of experience working in Emergency Services and personal real estate. He has been faced with challenges that often required critical and creative thinking to provide solutions. He believes these skills will translate well with mortgage brokering. He is confident in providing high quality, personal servicing while finding the best available financing. Based on his own experience, Matt sees what a great vehicle home ownership is for personal wealth creation. He hopes to pass along what he has learned to help others generate wealth for themselves and their families while achieving their financial goals. 

Matt hopes to help enhance the growth and customer experience here at Guiding Star Mortgage Group and is excited to be part of what will be an industry leading group! 

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time outdoors with his growing family and golden retriever, Maverick. He loves watching sports with friends and also has a passion for real estate, whether it be renovating fixer uppers or managing short term rentals. 

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