Agent Page – Matt Barakonski

Matt Barakonski

License # M23005321

Mortgage Agent

Level 1

Areas Serviced

South Western Ontario

Matt Barakonski is a financial planner that specializes in mortgages. With an advanced diploma in civil engineering and a degree in finance & accounting, he brings a unique blend of technical and financial expertise to his work. Matt is passionate about helping his clients achieve their financial goals, and his expertise and attention to detail have earned him a reputation as a trusted broker in the industry. 

In his free time, Matt enjoys exploring new culinary experiences and experimenting with different recipes on the barbecue. His curiosity about different cultures and cuisines has taken him on culinary adventures around the world, and he enjoys sharing his discoveries with friends and family. 
Matt’s dedication to his clients, combined with his passion for food and culture, makes him a well-rounded and engaging individual both personally and professionally. 

Matt Barakonski