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Maria Smith

Mortgage Agent

Level 1

Areas Serviced

South Western Ontario

Maria has been a real estate agent for the past 14 years and has now become a licensed mortgage agent. During her real estate career, she was often asked to provide mortgage and other financing advice, but she was unable to help as she was not qualified. Now as a licensed mortgage agent, she hopes to help her clients by taking the time to advise them on these issues. She hopes to help clients that have more difficulty qualifying for mortgages by providing more options and offer a more complete service to her clients now that she is dually licensed.  

Maria has lived in Guelph for over 35 years where her and her husband have enjoyed raising their family. In her spare time, Maria enjoys travelling, painting and just quietly sitting with a book. During the summers her family has lots of fun riding their motorbikes in the countryside and enjoying family gatherings in the backyard.  

Maria Smith