Agent Page – Ahmed Al-Shraify

Ahmed Al-Shraify

License # M22004457

Mortgage Agent

Level 1

Areas Serviced


Meet Ahmed Al-Shraify, a seasoned Mortgage Agent with a wealth of experience in the financial and automotive sectors. Throughout his career, Ahmed has demonstrated a strong aptitude for sales and customer service, earning him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the mortgage industry.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ahmed prioritizes his role as a devoted husband and proud father to a beautiful baby boy. Family values are at the core of Ahmed’s ethos, driving him to excel in both his personal and professional life.

Ahmed’s approach to business is characterized by diligence, dedication, and a commitment to delivering exceptional service. He believes in working hard to exceed expectations and prides himself on his ability to build lasting relationships with clients.

In addition to his mortgage endeavors, Ahmed is also involved in the restaurant industry, where he brings the same passion and work ethic to create memorable dining experiences for his patrons. Whether in mortgages or hospitality, Ahmed’s dedication to excellence shines through in all his endeavors.